Flying Yoga

Flying yoga, better known as aerial or suspension yoga is a great new way to do yoga safely that is a lot of fun! Flying Yoga is a new type of yoga that utilizes the aerial yoga hammock to allow students to find a deeper, more supported yoga practice.
Flying Yoga classes are structured like traditional yoga classes. Classes are geared toward beginners and no experience is necessary to participate in your first flying yoga class!
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About Circusoul Yoga

Circusoul Yoga is a purpose driven yoga school that seeks to provide the highest level of service to our clients. Our purpose is to help people live healthier more fun-filled lives through the practice of healthful habits, yoga, and mindfulness. Our school specializes in aerial yoga and provides the most comprehensive aerial yoga certification training available in the world. Our yoga school is a unique hybrid business combining yoga therapy, public instruction and aerial yoga teacher training. We provide public yoga classes, workshops, CEUs, yoga teacher trainings. ​We are the only school in the nation to offer comprehensive aerial yoga certifications. Circusoul is the premiere location for aerial yoga education.
Our aerial yoga instructors are yoga instructors that have extensive additional education in aerial yoga or have many years of aerial performance experience in addition to their yoga training. Our school's philosophy is to help our students holistically - offering specialized care for injured students in the way of private lessons and yoga therapy. For our uninjured students we recommend public yoga classes for our students. 
At Circusoul we design and sell our own aerial yoga hammocks (slings) at wholesale prices.  The deluxe flying yoga hammock's simplistic design make it a great hammock for many applications! Our hammocks work great as a hammock chair. The Flying Yoga hammock beats the competition! Compare our hammocks to Antigravity Yoga Hammock, Omgym, OmniGym, FlyGym or Aerial Aircat.

A note from the director...

We [humans] were meant for great things and this unique practice helps remind me of this. Combining the ancient healing traditions of yoga with the unique prospective of a high level flying trapeze artist, Flying Yoga or aerial yoga brings the gift of flight and the ability to compete with gravity. I have always been at odds with gravity and love to explore the wonderful world of being upside down, moving in fun and strange ways. We were meant to move, get up and go! Human physiology benefits from consistent practice of yoga and is amplified many fold by the aerial yoga hammock. Just entering the brightly colored room full of yoga hammocks is deeply therapeutic, and then we take flight and a whole new thing happens to the mind, it expands!   I am on a mission to help people live stronger, healthier lifestyles that integrate awareness of mind, body, and spirit. Aerial Yoga came into my life  a few years ago when I suffered from a severe lower back injury.  We are so excited to share the Flying Yoga program with the world! ​
Let's fly away!
Kerry Tice, Director & Owner