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Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

The only aerial yoga program with the soul of yoga weaved into every piece. 



I was in excruciating pain, nothing was helping. Nothing was getting better. I thought my life was over, and my career as a flying trapeze artist was never going to happen. The pains was not getting better, and everyone that I turned to for help… was nearly as clueless as I was at that time. I had injured up my SI joint during a performance and since then I had been in pain almost every moment of every night and day. It was shortly after that I started practicing aerial yoga and found my pathway back to health. I fell in love with the practice of aerial yoga in those months. It wasn’t an overnight success, but slowly by slowly I began to feel better… I was able to tap into the inner well of healing that is available to all of us. This is why I created the Flying Yoga Training program. 


Since then I have shared this original aerial yoga program that has yoga at its very root. I’ve trained hundreds of instructors over the last decade. I’ve realized over the years that many aerial yoga programs exist, but very few have the heart of yoga at their core. Deeply inspired by my yoga therapeutic background, Flying Yoga Teacher Training will prepare you to share aerial yoga with the world with precision, skill and soul. 


Our 8 day intensive training program will help prepare you with the knowledge, background and experience to successfully lead students through aerial yoga classes that include the magic ingredient: Inversions and lots and lots of fun!! Don’t miss our next training that begins July 20, 2023, 2023! Sign up today and receive an extra $3429 in bonuses! 

Our new format divides the 8 day training into two parts, each of which are 4 days long. (See schedule for dates below)  

Aerial Yoga Hammock


It’s a deep immersion into a distinct method of Yoga that uses the support of the hammock to investigate, cultivate and advance traditional asana, both in the air and on the ground. As a result of this course, you will be ready to teach fun, safe, and original aerial Yoga classes to diverse populations. And you will assimilate the light bulb moments you learn in the hammock into how you teach ground Yoga, too.


This course will make you a better Yoga teacher and a better human. You’ll discover fine distinctions about your yoga practice that would take years of intensive study in traditional methodologies.

[Please Note: The Flying Yoga® Teacher Training program is available to students who have not previously completed yoga teacher training. You do not have to be a yoga instructor to attend this course. We highly recommend that you take several aerial classes, or have some prior experience with the aerial yoga hammock before attending the course.]

The Flying Yoga method is the only aerial yoga program rooted in alignment Yoga, which means everything we discover in the hammock can be studied and applied to a traditional floor practice, too. Our aerial yoga program is highly influenced by yoga therapy, spirituality, mysticism and the traditional principles of alignment based yoga. In some Aerial Yoga styles, you might spend most of the class tied up in knots, twirling in a dizzying arrangement of aerial acrobatics. With Flying Yoga®, we engage traditional Yoga asanas purposefully to teach proper alignment in the air and a deeper connection with the soul. 



We also use the hammock to highlight subtle distinctions that can only be discovered from an aerial perspective – then we apply these lessons to a traditional floor Yoga practice. With Flying Yoga® you can guide your students into asanas they may never have dared to dream possible – true inversions, and deeper, more integrated backbends. Then your students can work these same mechanics to achieve similar results from their usual Yoga practice, too.



Because Yoga is our foundation, we ground as much as we fly. Playing to our alignment based roots we dance between the elements of AIR and EARTH. We use the hammock as a junction between opposites: yang to yin, to root then rise, cocoon or ascend, to calm and inspire. We love to play, too, and we do it with divine inspiration.


Although our founder is currently a professional flying trapeze artist and coach,  he’s also a highly experienced terrestrial based yoga (E-RYT500) trainer. He's taught over 7,000 hours in yoga, and has trained over 300 instructors worldwide. So if you’re looking for a circus-centered course, we may not be a good match for you. But if you’re looking for an in-depth, genuine Yoga training with an illuminating twist, we’re here for you.


The Flying Yoga Teacher Training is a rigorous 8-day immersive training that gives you everything you need to start teaching, and get your aerial yoga business up & flying.


What's Included:

  • Teach and practice over 100 aerial asanas, many which are unique to the Flying Yoga® method

  • Understand the powerful science behind inversion and how it affects every system of the body

  • Discover and create an infinite number of aerial asanas from your own creativity and the creativity of all Flying Yoga instructors around the world

  • Safely guide students in and out of positions

  • Assist students of all body types and abilities

  • Sequence full and balanced class plans that seamlessly transition from floor and aerial asanas, poses and counter-poses, for a well-rounded Yoga practice

  • Incorporate the use of the hammock into the understanding of Yoga that you have already honed and refined over the years

  • Apply the Yoga hammock to bring more awareness of subtle, energetic aspects of Yoga, mayakoshas, gunas, deep relaxation, and more

  • Understand basic safety requirements for secure rigging & hanging your own Aerial Yoga hammock


Topics Covered: Aerial Vinyasa series, Fundamentals of Aerial Yoga, Safety, Rigging, Inversions, Spotting, Verbalization & Cueing, Anatomy & Physiology, Tricks & FlipsTopics Include: Advanced Flying Yoga sequence, Transitions Floor to Air, Aerial Alignment, Aerial Assists, Sequencing Original Sequences,  Flying Yoga 2b Series, Intermediate Transitions, Voice Quality, Active/Passive Voice, Chanting, Flips, Dismounts & Tricks, Group Teaching Project, Aerial Meditation,  Inversions, Advanced Postures 

Aerial Yoga Hammock


Aerial Yoga Training

Flying Yoga® Teacher Training | Part 1

ℹ️32.5 Hours, 8:30a-5:30p

📍CircuSoul Yoga | Sarasota

📆See Dates Below

💸Early Bird Price | $1250

Price Goes Up $250 on April 20, 2023


🔺$240 Value - 12-Month on-demand Videos

🔺$290 Value - Deluxe Yoga Hammock (*Only The First 2 Students Who Register Receive $290 Deluxe Yoga Hammock)

🔺$300 Value - Credit To Attend Our Next Aerial Yoga Retreat Mexico 🔺$300 Value - Credit To Attend Our Thailand Adventure, Yoga & Thai Massage Retreat 

🔺$300 Value - Post Training Check-in: 1 Group Checkin in w/ Q&A, 1 30 Minute 1 on 1 Check In

🔺$1999 Value - FYTT Virtual Training $1999

$3429 Value - In BONUSES ALONE!

$5329 in Total Value

July 20-23, 2023

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

Flying Yoga® Teacher Training | Part 2

ℹ️32.5 Hours, 8:30a-5:30p

Pre-requisites: Part 1

💸Payment for part 2 is included when registering for Part 1.

📍CircuSoul Yoga | Sarasota

📆See Dates Below

August 31 - September 3, 2023

Restorative Aerial Yoga Training

Aerial Restorative Yoga Training

Aerial Restorative Yoga Training

Topics: Aerial Restorative Yoga Series, Organic Body, Parasympathetic Yoga Postures, Restorative Yoga Teaching Methodology, Restorative Yoga Practice Methodology, Functional Anatomy & Physiology, Propping Restorative Yoga Poses w/ Hammock, Safety


Restorative Aerial Yoga allows students to go deeper into states of relaxation that can bring profound healing to the mind, body and soul. 

This 2-day training will focus on the many restorative aspects of the hammock, using it as a gentle prop to bring you into basic, floor-based poses and basic inversions. We will dive into restorative yoga teaching methodology, basic relaxation, forward folds, back-bends, twists, and lateral spinal pose, science of restorative yoga, Stress & Relaxation Response, Voice Quality, Fight vs. Flight

This course is open to the public.  You do not have to be a yoga instructor or teacher in training to join this workshop.

ℹ️16 Hours


⌚Time: 10:30am - 7:30pm

🤑 $375, SAVE $50 if registered by: 

💰Early Bird | $375 

💸Regular | $475 


Aerial Yin Yoga Training

Aerial Yin Yoga Training

Aerial Yin Yoga Training

Topics: Aerial Yin Yoga Series, Myofascia, Functional Anatomy & Physiology, Propping Yin Yoga Poses w/ Hammock, Yin Yoga Teaching Methodology, Safety


This aerial yin immersion weekend is designed to introduce the poses and philosophical background of aerial yin yoga to students and teachers with all levels of yoga experience. Expect to flow gently and consciously through each aerial yin yoga class as we explore the history of yin yoga through postures and informal discussion.  We will embody basic poses in a whole new way (using the aerial yoga hammock for support and propping), compassionately opening the joints, connecting with the breath, and observing the process of our aerial yin asana. Come immerse in your yin side and fall under the yinfluence for two whole days.

ℹ️16 Hours

📍CircuSoul Yoga | Sarasota

📆Dates Comes Soon

💰Early Bird | $425 (By  May 31, 2021)




$20 off yoga hammocks 

12 Months of Flying Yoga Class Videos

Life Time Access to Flying Yoga® Online Video Library

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Aerial Yoga Hammock
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