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CircuSoul Yoga RYT-200
May 1 - 19, 2023 | Danyasa Eco-Retreat Center

Prices go up by $200 on January  15, 2023

With a cow to my right edging in on my share of the road, in front of my path appeared to be a treacherous part of the road, and I had no choice but to forge on. I’m white-knuckling the steering wheel, thinking to myself this is really how I go out, right here on this dirt road, me and this Costa Rican cow. Behind me was a road, if you could really call it that, that was not drivable in the reverse. In front of me were huge divots in the clay road that I was pretty sure were going to take out me and my vehicle in the process. I was sure I was not going to make it out! Stuck, miles from any place with cell service I thought I had lost all hope. I steer around the bend in the road and right in front of my path is a 25-foot wide river. Standing directly in front of my modest Suzu Grand Vitara rental I did what any sane person would do...I had a proper meltdown…you know the one that only lasts a few minutes leaving you feeling desperate, alone, and full of shame? 

How could I have done this to myself? I knew I had taken the wrong road and I kept going anyway, but at some point, during the route, it became overwhelmingly clear that I couldn’t turn around and go back. I had to face the scary unknown and forge on. I looked around to see if there was anybody that could help, but no one, not even a cow. I looked behind me again to make absolutely sure there was no one else around. So I took off my shoes and decided to wade across the river. To my absolute delight and to my wondrous relief the river was only up a little over my ankle. I thought to myself, this little 4x4 SUV can definitely make it through this. So I grabbed my shoes, got in the car, and made sure the four-wheel drive was engaged. Then I was off, treading through the river, picking up a little speed to make sure I made it safely through and onto the bank. YES, I did it and I couldn’t believe it!!! I celebrated with a loud scream, and right around the corner was my destination. I had made it! 

Let’s skip the dramatic entrance into Costa Rica and glide your way into the amazing location we’ve picked for our upcoming CSY RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training... If you’re like me, somewhere along the way you stopped connecting to nature, you feel disconnected and you wonder if there's something more. Looking to connect to something bigger than yourself, attending yoga teacher training can help you find your personal soul mission. to have enough fun, to unplug from work, and recharge in a beautiful place. The CSY RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training retreat is an opportunity to do just that. To connect with a community of individuals who are on the same spiritual path. To be recharged by the breathtaking surroundings, while consciously unplugging from modern societal burnout. The CSY RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training Retreat is structured to reconnect with nature in an immersive transformational experience where students will dive deeper into spiritual aspects of yoga, their relationship with themselves, and their ability to connect with others in an authentic soulful way. To be prepared to enter the workforce and offer classes that are beyond your average cookie cutter vinyasa classes. 

CSY RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training Retreat is designed as an immersive and transformational inner discovery for students looking to expand their spiritual awareness and deepen the understanding of their Inner Self. Yoga was designed to be shared in an immersive experience where you spend lots of time each day with your yoga teacher(s). During this 3 week-long training adventure there will be a perfect mix of time spent with your instructor(s) learning the nitty-gritty of how to teach yoga. There will be time to explore, build community, and time to connect with the natural beauty of Costa Rica. Students on this retreat can expect to learn the skills they will need in order to lead public and private classes while also developing a daily spiritual practice that fuels their teaching. Students will be exposed to different spiritual aspects of yoga learning to reconnect to the hidden wellspring of vital energy, wisdom, and strength that lies within. 

In this 19-day immersive experience, we will spend a lot of the day working through the course material and doing yoga. There will be plenty of downtime and processing time throughout the day so you can unplug and recharge at the retreat center, town, or nearby beach. This is a professional training program and students are expected to attend each session and participate at their highest possible levels. We’ve been running yoga teacher trainings for over a decade, and with that experience, we will be able to guide you to become the best yoga practitioner and teacher that you can possibly be. You won’t just walk away from this as an experience of a lifetime, you’ll leave feeling empowered to begin your career in teaching and sharing your passion for yoga with the world.


Limited Spots Available
May 1 - 19, 2023

Students interested in yoga teacher training are required to have at least 6 months of consistent yoga practice.



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In CircuSoul Yoga's 200-Hour Teacher Training Program you will gain the skills to empower yourself and those around you. You will explore and deepen your own practice through a powerful, athletic practice, and personally grow in an authentic sustainable way. Combining a mystic knowledge of yoga philosophy, the spirit, and deep physical alignment study - this yoga teacher training prepares students in a way to share yoga that few programs are able to compare. Kerry and Erin are a dynamic team of yoga teacher trainers who will lovingly guide you on your yoga teacher training journey.


Asian tourists checking a map at a airport




  • Pickup and drop-off at San Jose airport are provided.

  • 1 pickup for the group will happen at
    11:30 am on May 1, 2023. 

  • Be sure that your plane arrives early enough to be on that transport or plan to arrive a day early and stay in San Jose so we can all be ready.

  • Let us take care of the details! 

  • Keep us informed & up to date on your arrival plans.



Practicing alignment-based vinyasa has added benefits that traditional vinyasa and hot yoga do not provide. Using proper biomechanics and the information that has been received from modern orthopedics we use the information that we have learned in this field to help inform the way in which we practice, understand, and teach yoga. 

Benefits of Hot Yoga

  • Increased flexibility

  • Increased Strength

  • Increased Mental Clarity

  • Aids in Digestion

  • Detoxifying

Yin Yoga Britt Dienes




A yoga practice that literally changed my life and was able to help alleviate chronic back pain when I dove deeper into the study and practice. 


Having a basic understanding of Yin Yoga will help you adapt your teaching and practice to all levels. Bringing the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine together with a style known for long passive holds, It unlocks the ability to release deeply stored emotions, trauma, and memories that our tissues have been holding onto. (19 hours)

Learning to connect with others through Vedic Thai Yoga is one of the gifts that we share in this training. We will learn the foundations  and philosophy of Vedic Thai Yoga while also learning to connect hands-on with others in a way that is far beyond the experience usually had in Western massage. (16 hours)

Informed Assists Workshop


Yoga Man Meditation


One of the most impactful parts of the course is where you will learn the proper biomechanics of the yoga postures through receiving assists, seeing assists, and then giving those assists to your fellow classmates. This section is super powerful and will help set you apart from other teachers (12 hours)

Experience the power of Pranayama that helps regulate the body, mind, and energy body. Pranayama helps you feel more connected, grounded and better able to connect with yourself and your surroundings. 





Costa Rica has plenty of stunning waterfalls but probably the most spectacular are the Nauyaca located in the mountains of the southern zone. With two sets of falls measuring a combined 61 meters (200 feet) tall and a large natural pool for swimming, the Nauyaca waterfalls are indeed a sight to see.

Connect with the unique community of Dominical! This charming Costa Rican community features beautiful jungle landscapes and a gorgeous beach.


Alignment Based Pose Breakdown for over 125 Asanas

🔷Jason Crandell Method Sequencing
🔷Eight Limbs of Yoga, Four Paths or Schools of Yoga
🔷Yoga Philosophy and History: Deep study of Sutras and Gita, History of Asanas
🔷Deep dive into the Chakras, Sanskrit, Kleshas, Koshas, Gunas
🔷Chanting, Mantras & Nada Yoga
🔷Extensive Use of Props
🔷Pranayama & Meditation
🔷Class Themes, Pose Sequencing and Modifications, Cuing and Corrections
🔷Multi-level Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Yin, Yoga Nidra
🔷Informed Assisting and Manual Adjustments
🔷Practical Anatomy and Alignment
🔷Types of Learners, Teaching Qualities, Styles of Yoga
🔷Asana Compensations and Modifications
🔷Team Teaching, Injury Prevention and more!


Danyasa Eco Retreat offers catering to their retreats and teacher trainings through Edible Alchemy Foods, a nourishment-focused project bringing healthy food to yoga retreats, events, and festivals. Supplied by Chef Andrea Mattson, Edible Alchemy’s ingredients are sourced from local farms using organic, sustainable methods of agriculture. The focus is nourishment.  By valuing what you put into your body, you output a higher energetic vibration!

NOT INCLUDED: Alcoholic beverages can be purchased for additional fees on site.

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DSC_0207 (1).jpg


I understand! This is a big commitment and you want to make sure this is the right fit for you. 


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 A deeper study of alignment borrowing from both modern biomechanics and orthopedics. The knowledge you learn about alignment will help you stand out in the job market. and what sets this style of yoga apart. 

yoga-circle-under-tree (1).jpg


You'll be ready to teach when you exit the program. Having the skills necessary to share yoga professionally in a public and private setting. Many programs will teach you a lot about yoga. Our program will give you the tools you need to teach yoga professionally in both public and private settings.

DSC_5591 (1).jpg


Lovingly shared from our lineage of instructors that came before us. Passed down from teacher to teacher, Kerry, and Erin will expose you to yogic practice that will help open your heart and live your most authentic life.  

Untitled-1 (1).jpg


Our trainers live from the heart and know what it takes to make it as a yoga instructor in today’s economy. With a combined 23 years of experience in teaching yoga, Kerry & Erin have both the knowledge and experience to help arm you with the best teaching and lifestyle skills possible. 


Awesome. We have so many bonuses just for you!



  • ($20 Value) - Custom Printed Journal

  • ($20 Value) - CircuSoul Yoga Gift Bag 

  • ($50 Value) - CircuSoul Yoga Water Bottle 



  • ($75 Value) - Credit for next Vedic Thai Yoga Training


  • ($150 Value) - 2 x 30 minute coaching sessions with Kerry Tice 


  • ($200 Value) - Access to trip photos


  • ($250 Value) - 12 Month Access to On-Demand Video Library 


  • ($300 Value) - Credit for Thailand Retreat


  • ($300 Value) - Credit for Flying Yoga Teacher Training


  • ($350 Value) - Credit for Aerial Yoga Retreat Mexico


  • ($1,200 Value) - The first 5 people who pay in full will also receive a FREE yoga retreat to Casa Om Potomac. 


  • ($2,999 Value) - 12-month access to our RYT-200 Virtual Training




This beautiful retreat center was picked for its perfect location. Remote enough to enjoy what Costa Rican nature has to provide, yet connected enough to allow you quick access to towns and nearby pristine beaches. The Danyasa Tribe prides itself on being Costa Rica experts and are there to help you get the most out of your Costa Rican experience. Their goal lies in assisting you to have an experience you will cherish for a lifetime.

Danyasa Yoga Retreat & Eco Lodge offers world-class accommodation and movement arts experiences in a unique and exceptional setting. Nestled in the verdant and resplendent natural beauty of Costa Rica’s Southern Pacific Coast, Danyasa is your home for retreats, classes, and teacher training in yoga and other movement arts, as well as a hub for surfing, adventure, exploration, and relaxation. Imagine yourself sitting beneath a majestic waterfall, exploring the rainforest, diving under the warm waves, practicing yoga in our beautiful Bamboo Yoga Play studio, and staying in our eco-chic container rooms.


"What a life changing experience! The quality of the YTT classes at CircuSoul, Sarasota is truly incredible. Yoga classes and Yoga Teacher Training is by far the most professional, high quality you will ever hope to have. The lineage of these Teachers come from a wealth of knowledge and years of experience that surpasses anything you could have imagined. To be a part of such a rich legacy is humbling. If you have been thinking about YTT, think no more! Sign up to be a part of this studio, your life will take on a trajectory that will surpass what you could only have dreamed of. The intentionality in each relationship, the love and care will be sweet gifts that will add richness to your life’s purpose and direction. Be ready to be transformed yogis!"

"I attended a 7 day yoga retreat in Mexico lead by Kerry Tice in January. I have attended many yoga retreats world wide, and this was definitely one of the best, most organized. yoga retreats ever! Kerry was very Punctual, organized and easy to communicate with. I really enjoyed his beautiful chantings and was introduced to more spiritual aspect of yoga! I really enjoyed the energy CircuSoul Yoga shared with the class. Their energies were so perfectly aligned and the students received physical, emotional, and spiritual guidance! Wise like little Buddhas, with complementary energies, they took care of our minds, bodies, and souls! I highly recommend this yoga retreat to anyone who is ready for reset, tranquillity and transformation in paradise! I am definitely going back. Thank You Kerry! Well done."

"Took my first yoga retreat to Mexico with CircuSoul, and it exceeded my expectations. Kerry was very organized, and had a thematic yoga theme/message, and target area for every class. Kerry is personable, and overall such a loving being. If there were things the group members wanted to do, it was taken into account to ensure everyone was happy. I was not sure about sharing a room with someone I have never met, but Kerry did an excellent job pairing me up with another woman my age. It was a great experience and I look forward to going on future retreats with CircuSoul. Forever grateful for the yoga tribe that came together on June 11-18, 2022!"


I never saw myself as much of a spiritual person. That was until my teachers, my travels and my inner warrior journey ignited a flame that burns bright now. It’s this flame that I wish to share with you. Completely connected and accepted. To be seen, heard, and understood… for the first time in my adult life. I found a love of simply being. The acceptance, connection, and love that I’ve experienced, I wish to share with you. Through adventures, exposure to different spiritual practices will assist your spirit in fully coming back home. Xinalani Yoga Retreat creates a unique environment for you to deeply connect to nature,  there is a deeply healing for all. To expose yourself to a natural environment that helps you connect with your inner nature. Come join the inner warrior to reconnect with your nature by realizing that you are made of up the same stardust that makes us all. 


Erin Cranston is a ERYT-200, RYT500 focused in Hatha/Vinyasa. As a student of meditation for over a decade and a certified Usui Reiki 2 healer, Erin understands the importance of filling your energetic cup. She continues to reinvent herself through various modalities of yoga such as yin, aerial, vedic thai, and movement therapy. She cultivated her path of Buddhism and Yoga in India, Thailand, Singapore, and widely throughout the U.S. Erin is deeply connected and inspired by her root Guru, Namdrol Rinpoche and extends his skillful, modern perspectives through her teaching. Beyond the mat, Erin is a crystal-loving, mantra chanting, green thumb with a passion for flow art, feng shui, and diving/ hiking the planet. At home, her altar serves as hOMe base for an ever growing Vajrayana Buddhism practice.


"I encourage my students to be compassionate and connected; resting heavy emphasis on alignment, intention, and breath."


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Choose from one of three accommodation options for your all-inclusive yoga retreat. Prices are per person and vary depending on which yoga retreat date you choose. The total price is Room & Food + Tuition Cost. Air travel is NOT included in these totals.


Once you have made your deposit for the retreat, please email us with your accommodation choice so that we can invoice you for you room. Currently we have availability in all three room types.  

Included In The Price

  • Round trip transportation from San Jose Airport (SJO) - 1 pick up for the group will happen at 11:30AM on May 1, 2023. Be sure that your plane arrives early enough to be on that transport or plan to arrive a day early and stay in San Jose so we can all be ready to leave together.

  • Three meals - breakfast, lunch, & dinner

  • RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training (Registered with Yoga Alliance RYS200)

NOT INCLUDED: Alcoholic beverages, spa services, and additional excursions are NOT included in the yoga retreat but can be purchased for additional fees on site. 


Maybe it's your first time booking a yoga retreat or you're considering your first trip to Costa Rica. If you've got questions, we'd love to help! Please click a button to call us or fill out a contact form.


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