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Turn your PASSION into your CALLING as a certified yoga instructor. 

CicuSoul Yoga has one of the highest alumni-rated Yoga Teacher Training programs on the Suncoast. We’ve trained 200+ instructors with the skills to build their passion into a thriving career.

In CircuSoul Yoga's 200 Hour Teacher Training Program you will gain the skills to empower yourself and those around you, explore and deepen your own practice through a powerful, athletic practice and personally grow in an authentic, sustainable way.

  • Build confidence and inner strength that translates from your mat to your daily life

  • Experience what it’s like to have a consistent yoga practice

  • Learn to use your voice to connect and lead with confidence

  • Learn how to mindfully and skillfully teach meaningful yoga classes that empower and uplift others!

Read What Our Alumni Have To Say About Our Training

What a life changing experience! The quality of the YTT classes at CircuSoul, Sarasota is truly incredible. Yoga classes and Yoga Teacher Training is by far the most professional, high quality you will ever hope to have. The lineage of these Teachers come from a wealth of knowledge and years of experience that surpasses anything you could have imagined. To be a part of such a rich legacy is humbling. If you have been thinking about YTT, think no more! Sign up to be a part of this studio, your life will take on a trajectory that will surpass what you could only have dreamed of. The intentionality in each relationship, the love and care will be sweet gifts that will add richness to your life’s purpose and direction. Be ready to be transformed yogis!

"My teacher training at Circusoul Yoga was a life changing experience. One I would highly recommend to everyone. The program was well thought out and progressed in a logical manner to prepare us to teach a variety of yoga classes!"


If you're ready to learn more about our yoga teacher training, book a risk free call with us by filling out this form below. 

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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

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