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Kerry Tice ERYT500


Experience one-on-one training 

New to yoga or feeling unsure about joining a public class? Seeking the perfect yoga fit but overwhelmed by the multitude of Sarasota yoga studios? Let our expert instructors customize a yoga plan just for you.

Our highly trained instructors specialize in crafting transformative yoga experiences tailored to your unique needs. In a one-on-one yoga session, you absorb 5 to 6 times more than in a group class, with themes and poses curated to suit you. During your first session, our instructor will discuss your goals and design a personalized plan. We offer private yoga sessions targeting anxiety, depression, and back pain.


Experience a personalized session with our registered yoga instructors at $100/hour for one-on-one lessons or opt for a semi-private class with friends. We also offer private Thai yoga, yoga therapy, and heated semi-private yoga.


Book your private yoga, Thai Yoga, or Aerial Yoga appointment by selecting an option below, directing you to our booking page. For inquiries, fill out the contact form, and we'll respond within 24 hours via phone or email.


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Vedic Thai Yoga



In a Thai yoga session, anticipate a therapeutic experience involving assisted stretches, pressure point manipulation, and energy balancing to enhance flexibility, relaxation, and overall well-being.


Private Aerial Yoga

Expect a personalized experience utilizing suspended hammocks for unique yoga poses, strength-building exercises, and enhanced flexibility in a safe and supportive environment.

Private Aerial Yoga Lesson
Private Mat Yoga


Private Mat Based Yoga

Expect a tailored experience with personalized guidance, focusing on traditional yoga postures, breathwork, and relaxation techniques to meet your individual needs and goals.

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