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The Spiritual GPS

Updated: May 8

Let it go and let it flow. One of the most unnatural things about living as a human being is the want for everything to stay the same, but we also wants things to get better. That’s impossible. Change is inevitable and the sooner than we are able to embrace the change going on around and within us the more we can feel connected with the universe. As we feel connected to the universe we feel supported, understood and part of something that is far greater than ourselves. To live each day waking up with a mission, to take on each day as if you really wanted to be here… to know what you are here for. At one point we all knew what our personal and group mission was here on Earth. As we progressed beyond toddlers, we forgot it all. Before you incarnated into this body you agreed to take part in your personal mission, as well as the greater mission that you agreed to share the responsibility and reincarnate with other souls on the same or similar mission.

Wake up every day and take on the day. Learn how to tap into your own intuition, your own inner guidance system. We are all built with this same inner GPS, but so often times the super-powered mind and brain take over. Creating worry, stress, and much incongruence in the system. When we learn to become quiet, to spend time with ourselves… our true voice can begin to emerge.The voice of our soul can come to front and center and make its presence known. They say that intuition whispers… so if you want to be able to hear it, you’ll have to make time for it every day…To carve out space to to calm and quiet the outer layers of the Mayakoshas: Anna (physical body), Mana (Mind) and Prana (Energy) so that you can access the sweeter inner layer of Vijnana Mayakosha. Where you can access wisdom, higher mind, intuition, higher emotions and that inner reflection of your deepest Self that is Ananda Mayakosha (a direct reflection of our own Spirit.)

It gets easier though, especially when you fully immerse into spiritual practices. Go on a yoga retreat, take an adventure, find a teacher that lights you up, submit to a daily sadhana practice. When you decide to deepen your relationship with your spirit, you spirit takes 10,000 steps toward you. All we have to do is ask. All we have to do is begin to embrace our multi-faceted selves that powerful beyond imagination… and then it begins. Immerse yourself to become more connected, immerse yourself to let go of burnout, let yourself become the better and more evolved version of you. Want a chance to do just that? Join me for the Inner Warrior Retreat this January for an excursion to Mexico where we’ll dive deep into spirituality and provide that space that you needed to connect. Learn more at

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