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Welcome Bernadette Gannon RYT200 To CircuSoul Yoga

With over 25 years of experience and a diverse background, Bernadette brings a wealth

Bernadette Gannon RYT200

of knowledge and passion to our studio. She holds a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy, from Temple University. Her expert foundation in the mechanics of the human body deeply shapes her approach to yoga, and parallels with the philosophy of alignment yoga. She is a certified Aerial Yoga Instructor and Certified 200 HR Yoga Instructor. She has a unique ability to blend the ancient wisdom of yoga with modern scientific understanding, creating a holistic and therapeutic yoga experience for [his/her] students.

In addition to her extensive background in physical therapy, Bernadette is a certified personal trainer, offering a well-rounded perspective on fitness and wellness. She understands that yoga is not just about flexibility and strength but also about overall well-being, mind, body & spirit.

What sets Bernadette apart is her expertise as a professional contortion and hand-balancing coach for the circus arts. She has honed her unique talents in contortion and hand=balancing to a remarkable level and brings this unique knowledge to the yoga studio. Her teaching style incorporates elements of flexibility, balance, grace and spiritual depth, making her classes truly one-of-a-kind.

Bernadette Gannon RYT200
Bernadette at CircuSoul Yoga Studio

Additionally, Bernadette is a certified Yoga for 12 Step Recovery (Y12SR) Facilitator. This certification demonstrates her commitment to helping individuals in their journey through recovery through yoga and mindfulness. Her compassionate and understanding nature makes her an ideal guide for those seeking healing and support in their recovery journey toward serenity.

When Bernadette is not on the mat, she enjoys the mermaid life. She can always be found on the beach, in the ocean snorkeling, shell hunting, SCUBA diving or boating with her soulmate, Peter. She has a natural knack for photography and captures her love or nature & wildlife through her lens. This well-rounded approach to life reflects her philosophy that yoga is not just an activity but a way of living mindfully and spiritually.

Join Bernadette at Circusoul for yoga classes that are not only physically transformative but also

spiritually enriching. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, Bernadette looks forward to sharing the profound benefits of yoga with you on your journey to self-discovery and oneness of Mind, body & spirit.

Get ready to be inspired and guided by Bernadette extensive experience and warm heart as you embark on a yoga journey like no other!

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