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Fun Places To Travel Summer 2022

Fun Places To Travel Summer 2022 by Kerry Tice

If you’re looking for fun places to travel this summer, here are my top three picks for Summer 2022! Most of my life I’ve looked out at the Gulf of Mexico wondering what that country right next door was like. Was it anything like Florida, or would Mexico be a lot more exotic? I thought I’d travel to Mexico one day, until Spring of 2021 I decided I was going to go that month! I don’t know why it took so many years to finally travel to Mexico, and now that I’ve been…I’ve travel to Mexico 5 more times in the last year. Traveling to Mexico isn’t what you think it is. It’s a huge country full of diverse landscapes and exotic locations, with the most humble and helping people, it’s truly a traveler’s dream. My first time traveling to Mexico was to Cancun, which is in Quintana Roo (part of the Yucatan Peninsula). It’s an awesome coastal state that offers a plethora of natural resources with the most unbelievable views. Puerto Morelos had no huge fancy hotels or overbuilt high-rises, this beautiful Mexican town reminded me more of the old Florida towns, a lot like Cocoa Beach… Right away, I felt right at home.

If you're thinking about traveling to Mexico, a trip to Puerto Morelos soothes the soul and gives a glimpse to how Mexico might have been before it was an International Travel Destination. The Mexican Yucatan Pensinsula is home to Tulum and Cancun, powerful Mayan ruins, wikcenotes, beautiful rustic beaches, and one of the seven wonders of the ancient world - Chichen Itza. Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula is home to more than 6,000 cenotes — Only found in the Yucatan, cenotes are subterranean limestone pools full of crisp groundwater, stalagmites, stalactites, and endemic wildlife.

Travel to Thailand had been on my bucket list for 7 years and in February 2019 I made the decision that I would take my first trip to Thailand that October. Chiang Mai is a 13th-century ancient city of the Lanna Kingdom with over 700 years of history. Staying in Chiang Mai and the surrouding areas in Northern Thailand gives visitors an amazing glimpse into the spiritual side of Thailand. There are over 300 Buddhists temples in the city of Chiang Mai. The airport is conveniently located in Chiang Mai, only a short 15-20 minute ride... I sat overwhelmed with excitement and exhaustion, and then I was finally at my hotel (Away Chiang Mai Thapae Resort) . The first few days of my trip in Chiang Mai I opted for Thai Massage in the morning and again in the evening. Those powerful Thai Massages quickly brought me back to life after the full day of traveling from Florida. During my first trip to Thailand I experienced some of the best (and cheapest) Thai Massages I’ve ever received. Thai Massage was about 180 THB (about $6), I also paid upwards of 2,000 THB, which is about $35... Way more affordable than it is in the United States. Anyone looking to travel to Thailand, I highly recommend Chiang Mai because it is such a magical place that caters highly to their Western crowd. Within 2 miles of our hotel there were 7 vegan restaurants, countless traditional Thai restaurants, Indian food, Chinese food, KFC, you name it… they’ve got it, and the prices were amazing.

If you haven’t noticed, Americans are obsessed with traveling to Costa Rica. I took my first trip to Costa September 2021 and I didn’t know what the big fuss was until I got there. Among some of the most world's most amazing picture perfect landscapes, Costa Rica is home to over 500,000 different species. Costa Rica is a wildlife lover’s ultimate paradise. Travel to Costa Rica: It was an easy entrance through immigration (they do check to make sure you have an outbound flight before they let you in). I stayed the night in San Jose so I could rest and drive during the day to my final destination at Vista Celestial in Uvita (about 3.5 hours away). The food was amazing at the hotel and the bill was surprisingly cheap! The drive from the airport to the yoga retreat center was honestly one of the most amazing scenic drives I’ve done in my entire life. It was an incredible experience to wind down the Costa Rican highway with the jungle on to my left and the cascading ocean landscapes to my right. Everywhere I looked, it was a paradise…Every place I went was more beautiful than the last. Waterfalls, jungles, wild animals and the best views from the beach you’ll see… If you are thinking of traveling to Costa Rica, move it to the top of your list!

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